The New Wave of Fashion Minimalism

The New Wave of Fashion Minimalism

The past decade we got immersed in the new wave of minimalism. The concept became mainstream, highly achievable and viable as the lifestyle gurus enlightened us and led the way to a very adaptable version of minimalism that follows our current life patterns and changes according to our needs at a given time.

It’s not restricting at all, unlike the 90’s version of the concept that dictated a dull uniformity. This time it’s all about keeping the things that make us happy and letting go of the ones that hold us back in any way, or fail to bring joy to our daily life.

Can you think of anything more sustainable?

Our new moto is “Less but Better” as we realize that investing in quality instead of quantity translates to a fuller life. We decluttered and had to face the facts. Show hands, how many of you have emptied your closets making piles of clothes, shoes and accessories, trying to decide what’s worth keeping or not.

The idea is simple

We are keeping the items that add value. Think of versatility, purposefulness, practicality combined with aesthetics and style. These are the keepers.

In terms of accessories all these translate into the pieces that you reach for the most. A multi-functional purse that is not only comfortable to carry around but also stylish in order to make you feel like a million dollars every time you use it, when you are out and about.

A piece of jewellery that you never want to take off…

The charm bracelet that you like to play with to keep your hands busywhen you are waiting in line. The same one that makes the simplestoutfits look put together. The one you throw on and blends in whetheryou’re wearing your well-worn jeans and band tees or a couturegown.

charm bracelet silver
Charm Bracelet by

Think of your everyday staples. It might be the belt you wear withall your trousers and skirts, that only gets better with age, as itgrows with you. The same belt that transforms a simple knit jumperdress to a sexy, sophisticated outfit, the one that turns yourdaytime, boxy overcoat into the perfect companion to your slip dressfor a night out.

That’s the essence of value, regardless the price. Trustworthy is the word that comes to mind.

And since we have no excuse not to be environmentally friendly now, and we do care about our footprint on the planet, we do pay attention to the materials that we bring into out wardrobes.

A cruelty-free, manmade leather bag, makes us more happy and proud of our choices. You feel good, you look good.

Fashion has become such a big part of our personalities which is great as we get to express ourselves creatively in our own unique way. So it was only a matter of time before we realized the importance of minimalism. This time, on our own terms, our own conditions in order to commit to our favourite pieces and fill our wardrobes with meaningful “forever pieces”.

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