Terms & Conditions – Shop Online

Before making a purchase on Justbags.ie (this online shop) you give your consent to the following terms and conditions, which regulates how we sell our products (seller) and how you purchase our products (buyer).

1. Item description

Our Staff ensures that product description always refers to the items we sell. The description is available in each product page under the “Description” tab. In some rare cases, it can be possible you might read a wrong product attribute such as colour or fabric, although the product picture seems to show different characteristic or vice-versa. If this is the case, we invite you to contact us so we can clarify any doubts with you before you purchase the product. This happens in any shop in the world and some of them are very bad in customer support or order management. As also happens in every shops, when talking about colours, the one in the image might be slightly different, like little bit darker or little bit brighter. This is due to difference between human eyes and digital pictures. It’s the brain that decodes the colours.

2. Shipping Costs

Unless indicated, all the items you purchase enjoy Free Shipping. You pay only the product, we pay the shipping. You will also see at the checkout page the shipping cost, which is usually set to zero.

3. Delivery Time

On average, the package is received by our customers here in Ireland and UK within 25-30 days. Please be aware that some items due to their volume (size & weight) may be delivered earlier, while others with a slight delay. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Delay during transfer to Europe;
  • Delay during transfer to Ireland or UK;
  • An Post/Royal Post Delay in local delivery within Ireland or UK;
  • Home address is located outside Dublin, London or major City (example a local village in County Kerry);
  • Item is held at Irish/UK Customs for inspection and clearance;
  • Bank Holiday;
  • Post Delivery Staff on strike;

4. Item returns / Refunds

We provide a full refund to items that are not matching the description or are damaged.

The first thing to do in this unfortunate event is to contact us. Our Sales Team will be able to provide you instructions for the refund. An example or plausible refund: you choose a leather wallet in red colour and you got the black colour or you received the item damaged.

5. Delivery address

You have the sole responsibility to ensure to provide a valid delivery home or work address, where somebody can collect the parcel. All parcels are tracked so if the status is delivered, we are confirmed that somebody collected.

We currently ship to the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom only. If you are outside this country please contact us and we can arrange a special delivery.

We don’t accept PO Boxes or post package holders such as Parcel Motel (just an example). Once the order status is completed, we are not able to modify the address you provided. If you made some errors/mistakes while typing your delivery address, please contact us immediately and also double check the delivery address stated in the order confirmation.

6. Changing your Delivery Address

We usually take 12 hours once you make a purchase on our shop to complete the order (order status = complete). This to ensure & check if the order and payment are correct. This time frame allows you to inform us if the delivery address is correct etc. Our Sales team check every placed order. If we believe the order is missing important information we will contact you back to confirm it.

7. Changing your mind after you made your order online

Once an order is processed it is not possible to cancel it. In the rare case that you want to change colour or variation for the item you purchased, (example: bag in black leather change into a bag in red colour leather) please inform us asap. If the price of the item for the different variation is the same, then we can modify the order.

8. Receipt 

The official receipt is the one you get by email once you pay for your order. It states the order number and date of purchase. You can use this e-receipt for any tax purposes of communication with us. This also helps to save the environment.