Modern Decadence fashion style

Modern DeCAdENcE

Call it the maximalism effect, blame it on the social media madness… whatever the reason, the decadent wave of fashion is going to be the talking–point trend of 2019.

Commemorating a romanticized version of Marie Antoinette, we dream of rich silky textures, shiny rocks and diamond encrusted accessories. In this fashion fantasy, it seems that we can have our cake and eat it too…We can’t complain.

Start with a clutch made of smooth, luxurious satin. Take it a step further with big, chunky rhinestones in transparent colours to diffuse the light. Primary colours like greens, blues and reds are highlighted with this trend and so is yellow! The ray of sunshine you need in your wardrobe!

Voluminous sleeves on aerial blouses, ruffles everywhere, frilled hems and curved cocoon coats are now the norm along with hourglass dresses, draped skirts and extravagantly embellished accessories, from hair bands to charm bracelets and purses. If your fashion philosophy is ‘less is more’ and you believe that elegance is elimination, you can still indulge and enjoy the movement of extravagance and decadence. Keep everything muted, shapes, colours and aesthetic.

Start with a clean, minimalistic base. Then add a striking accessory -just the one- for an innovating interpretation of the trend but for minimalistic souls. Neoprene, silk gazar and vegan leather marrying unexpected lovers like silver chains, silver hardware and pastel diamonds, it’s all about the right proportions and a healthy dose of nonchalant attitude, in the lines of I-woke-up-like-this, to make this trend work and look stylish instead of kitsch.

Turn your outfit into an art gallery and lead the way

Embroidery is also introduced on various garments, from denim jackets to t-shirts and even on your favourite kitten heels, to add a little something to a neutral item. Velvet is also a great wintery option as it adds a touch of sleek warmth and posh vibes. Add layered sheer fabrics on top for dimension and soft, girly references. Basically, it’s all about ornaments, accessories, decoration, and positively confident mood, grown-up glamour and great tailoring balancing youthfulness and edge.

With simple makeup and well-groomed hair, decadence is more wearable than ever and if you ever longed for a princess clutch now is the time to invest in one. It will end up in your permanent capsule wardrobe as you can easily dress it down and get the most out of it. Distressed denim and sneakers, a casual ponytail, and a simple tee get transformed with a piece like that and it’s a match made in heaven!

We travel to another era, where fashion is fluid and avant-garde with quiet doses of luxury when the occasion calls for it. And the best part is that it’s affordable and accessible to anyone now! We can all get glammed up with a new shiny purse or a nice set of charm bracelets and we don’t need to justify it anymore!
We hope you are as excited as we are about this new wave lush decadence!