Like a boss

How to Dress Like a Boss

In this day and age, we are balancing career and personal life, feeling calm and grounded but also motivated and accomplished, equally internally and externally.

It’s a balancing act and on top of that, we feel the need to look elegantly professional in our corporate environment.

No matter what the dress code is in your organization, looking put together and neat is utterly important in a modern workplace.

Here’s how to master the rules of appearance that will make you look like a boss and feel like one too!

Etiquette awareness
Every company draws different lines. Make sure you are aware of the official dress code and stick to it. Paying attention to those rules translates to paying attention to your work and being respectful of the boundaries set. Regardless of your position in a company, dressing properly and being well groomed is a safe way to earn respect in your workplace. Be consistent and punctual when it comes to your style.

Rich Colours
Wearing rich colours is proven to portray authority and empowers us to a subtle yet effective way. Darker colours look more professional and look great in different occasions and business situations. You don’t want to blend in! Stand out, but find the perfect balance to draw attention to your business side and professional assets. If a red power-suit sounds too much, opt for a darker shade along with a statement bag to compliment the outfit.

Quite often doing business takes you outside the walls of your office. It might be a brunch meeting, lunch with co-workers where important decisions will be made or a one to one meeting with your manager at a café. Outfits that will look equally smart and modern in or out of the office will save the day. Think of pencil skirts, silky blouses, cashmere roll neck jumpers and straight trousers that go with everything. A big structured bag to hold your papers and laptop and you are good to go!

Being professional doesn’t mean sacrificing your personal touch! Accessories play a key role here as they add your distinctive note and help you stand out in a sea of black suits. Elegant jewellery that convey confidence without shouting loud, will give you a more finished look. A pretty belt over your blazer will make you look feminine yet not provocative and this brings us back to the balance that we are all after.

Slouchy shapes and oversized cuts are great for a casual lifestyle and very comfortable during the weekends but when it comes to your work attire opt for well-structured clothes. A blazer with very subtle shoulder pads, a structured purse, and a dress with architectural details like a panel at the waist will elevate your workwear without becoming distracting. When in doubt go conservative and take time to attend to details to look and feel your best!

Are you ready to take over the business world?