Woman Belt in a clothes rack

Five New Ways to Wear a Woman Belt

There are a few items that epitomise the definition of timeless femininity and update the meaning of sophistication.

The first one that comes to mind is the belt.

Understated, versatile, the ideal accessory for expressing your sense of style, women belts are no longer playing a supportive role but steal the spotlight and with good reason.
We picked out the most interesting ways to wear them and breathe fresh air to our favourite outfits.

A long, chunky, slightly oversized cardigan is a hero piece of clothing year round. Adding a layer of warmth and comfort now gets more stylish than ever with the addition of a belt. Make sure you wear yours at the narrowest part of your waist to create a feminine, flattering silhouette.

Cocktail Dresses
Add a belt to the already ladylike cocktail dress to accentuate your curves. A very chic option is a classic black cocktail dress with a leopard print, thin belt which will add an interesting touch and posh vibes to this elegant look. We no longer feel the need to match our belts to our shoes and bags, so in this case either keep everything simply black or choose a bright clutch for a fashion-forward statement.

Tailored Suits & Blazers
This season we are falling in love with tailored suits in soft, pastel shades and structured blazers in every colour of the rainbow. They are a must-have for every power girl and we are always looking for fresh and updated ways to wear them, to make the most of this investment piece. Tying a belt over the blazer adds a touch of femininity to an otherwise androgynous outfit and combines the best of both worlds.

Boyfriend Sweaters
Following the beloved trend of boyfriend jeans, we are now obsessing over boyfriend sweaters. Comfortably loose, relaxed boxy cuts, soft, touchable materials and the it-girl attitude. The actual boyfriend is optional. The belt over the sweater is a definite do. This time place the belt lower, over your hip bones and slightly pull the sweater on both sides to create a slouchy shape and depth.

Crisp White Shirt
We all have at least one and it has proven to be a life saviour when we need to look sharp without trying too hard. To take it on another level and make it belt-centric choose an interesting belt in a bold colour or an eye-catching pattern. Loop the belt instead of just fastening it around your waist, create a knot and you are ready to go. It might look complicated but it’s so much easier than it looks:

woman belt knot styleTo make a classic loop wrap the belt around your waist and insert the tail end inwards into your belt in a way that it forms a loop and then pull the tail end of the loop. Gorgeous, isn’t it? Innovative nonetheless.
Are you ready to take your outfits to the next level?