Delivery Information

Delivery Time

On average you should be able to receive your item in 30 days.

Please be aware that some items due to their volume (size & weight) may be delivered earlier, while others with a slight delay. This might be due to the following reasons:

  • Delay during transfer to Europe;
  • Delay during transfer to Ireland;
  • An Post Delay in local delivery within Ireland;
  • Home address is located outside Dublin or major Irish City (example a local village in County Kerry);
  • Item is held at Irish Customs for inspection and clearance;
  • Irish Bank Holiday;
  • An Post Delivery Staff on strike;

Our staff regularly check each shipment, to ensure a smooth delivery and we will update you when required.

Way our items are shipped

For security reason, so to avoid that one single package who contains all the items could be lost in the post (never happened so far), we ship each item in a separate package. This also to avoid that the Customs stop the parcel because too expensive (little trick).

Wish you to contact us for any enquiry, please do so using our contact form page.