About Us

Just Bags Ireland is the top leading online shop for women bags and accessories in Ireland. Our Online Sales Team comes from the fashion industry, with knowledge in the latest fashion trends in the world.

Our online store has on purpose a hand-picked selection of items that are available for limited time only, to guarantee to their customers to be cool and feel unique.

To make our luxury products so affordable and unique for you, we have teamed up with the best suppliers, bag makers around the World, so we can sell their handmade products directly to you, avoiding paying useless extra money. As these suppliers are not in Ireland, the delivery time usually is longer than the domestic Irish shipping, but it is worthed to wait a little bit longer. You can find more information on Delivery Time here.

We are currently in the phase of selecting also some local Irish fashion brands. Once we will establish a partnership, we will glad to sell their item to you.

If you wish to contact us for any enquiries or to sell on our Online Store, please do not hesitate to contact us.